Our Club

The idea of founding a Rotary Club in Gmunden already existed in 1950. The foundation was carried out by RC Steyr and the first meeting was held on  November 27, 1956.

On January 7, 1957 the Rotary Club of Gmunden was approved by Rotary International and so the CHARTER celebrations took place on June 1 and 2, 1957. In those days the Club had 23 members, since then it has grown to a number of more than 70.

For membership neither social rank or position are decisive, but the willingness to actively support the principles and the humanitarian aim of Rotary.


Beside friendship among our club-members the advancement of international understanding is of great importance to us. So we have two PARTNER CLUBS, the Rotary Club of Bayreuth (Germany), and the Rotary Club of Legnago (Italy).


YOUTH SERVICE is playing an important role in our Club as well. Every year young people from all over the world are hosted and supported by the families of our members, thus enabling them to take part in one of the numerous Rotarian youth programmes. We are also proud of having founded an Interact Club (Rotarian youth club) in our town as early as 1966, later followed by the Charter of Rotaract Club Salzkammergut, the link between Interact and Rotary for young adults.


The Rotary Club of Gmunden has founded three further Clubs: RC Vöcklabruck-Attersee (1974), RC Cheb/Eger (Czech Republic, 1991) and RC Gmunden-Traunsee (2009).